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++ No booking required for classes apart from Friday 6:20pm which requires you to reserve in advance. Booking is open one week before the class. Click on link in the class date below to reserve/ cancel your spot ++


Merchants Quay is a large creative space with dark wooden floors & exposed brick walls - in a fantastic canal side location between Salts Mill & Shipley.
The venue provides a space where you can explore & enjoy your yoga practice in a supportive & relaxed environment giving you an overall feeling of wellbeing and comfort.
Click below for map:

Merchants Quay, BD17 7DB
Directions For Merchants Quay: If you are coming by car you need to take the Salts Mill Road either via Otley Road or via Saltaire Road & Victoria St Shipley.
From Salts Mill Road take a left on to Ashley lane. The Merchants Quay Building is a red brick building just set back off Ashley Lane next to Rustons building. You will see a some signs there for Merchants Quays businesses. There's plenty of parking in front of the building and also on Ashley Lane. If coming by foot you can access Ashley Lane from Victoria St Shipley or Victoria Road Saltaire. If from Saltaire you take the road that runs behind Salts Mill to Ashley Lane. This however closes around 6pm.

Arriving for class

The main entrance door to the building will be open 15 minutes before class starts. It may be open before that time but as we cannot guarantee entry into the building until then please consider if arriving to the space early. When attending the following classes:
Mon 6:30pm 7 7:45pm and Weds 7:45pm - Please can we ask you to wait in the entrance hallway & stairwell area until the teacher or class helper has wedged open the door into the main communal space to enter. We endeavour to finish classes on time but sometimes there is a slight run over and we want to make sure there are no disturbances for students of the class finishing in relaxation (ie walking around on the creaky floorboards).
Please could you leave your shoes in the shoe rack provided just inside the entrance to the main space and all phones are switched on to silence. Belongings can be left in the communal area of the space and doors will be locked whilst classes are in progress are on but we cannot take accept responsibility for your belongings.
Filtered water is available in the jug near the kitchen area – please feel free to use.

Everyone is unique and likes a certain style & teacher. We have plenty on offer!
Therefore come & explore your yoga by trying some classes and finding what resonates for YOU.