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Joe Peate

With a background in competitive running, Joe came to yoga asana initially as a way to complement his physical training for ultra distance events, but Yoga quickly permeated other aspects of his life as he developed a daily practice. Yoga eventually eclipsed Joe's sporting pursuits as he brought more balance to his life, and he was also inspired to commence a regular practice of zazen (Zen meditation) as a result. He is a committed Ashtanga practitioner, believing that it provides a traditional, disciplined and proven approach to slowly building strength and flexibility, but with the ultimate aim of quietening the mind, through its technique of joining together the breath, gaze and posture in a moving meditation. Joe completed his teacher training with Nichi Green and Brian Cooper at The Yoga Space in Leeds and qualified as a teacher in September 2016.

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Debbie Gibbs

“Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga.” T.K.V. Desikachar

Debbie first came to yoga as a way of dealing with the pressures of a busy job and as a way of managing the competing demands on her time; through regular attendance at class she noticed not only a change in her body through asana practice, but also a sense of space and calmness that she had not previously experienced. Through her classes, and through using the breath as a tool to integrate the body and mind in a way that is accessible for all, Debbie is keen to pass on this knowledge and to encourage students to take a step away from the stresses of modern life and to find a space for themselves through the practice of yoga.

In 2016 Debbie completed her studies on the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma and became a fully registered Yoga teacher. She has also gained a teaching certificate in Relax and Renew© Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater and has recently attended a six-day Yogic Mindfulness: The Essence of Yoga urban retreat with AG and Indra Mohan.
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Michelle Carter

Yoga didn't really knock on Michelle's door until 2011. She was traveling in New Zealand and finding her body becoming stiffer and stiffer, she sought out a class. She started to discover that yoga was not just about flexibility but the connection between mind, body & spirit that comes with an awareness of breath. She found a place on her mat where she could push herself and discover more about herself than she had in 30yrs! Yoga started to change her life and her depressive tendencies started coming to the surface less and less. Her passion led her to India to spend time over the next few years doing teacher training and study. She is still first and foremost a yoga student and continues to learn through regular workshops and trainings. She teaches both dynamic styles of yoga and yin, influenced by her own practice and studies in India. She aims for students to develop introspection, an understanding of their own bodies needs and to accept themselves as they are in each class.
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Louisa Holmes

Louisa has trained in clinical yoga for physiotherapists and is qualified with a Masters in Physiotherapy from Leeds Metropolitan University. She also holds a Masters in sports medicine where she worked in the sport and exercise field with leading businessmen, Formula 1 drivers and teams, and club and elite level athletes in rowing and triathlon. Most recently she has been working with the GB Mountain Runners.

As a physio she has worked in private practice with a variety of individuals from those looking to overcome injury, accident and surgery and improve general day to day function, to elite and amateur triathletes, semi-pro and recreational cyclists who want to prevent and overcome injury, and maximise performance. She has worked with many cyclists who were doing the Lands’End to John O Groats and other such like endurance events performing bespoke MOT’s and bike fits.

Louisa, in her past life, was a professional triathlete representing Great Britain in long course and ironman distances. She was 3rd in her first Ironman at Ironman Lanzarote but her career ended there following a serious biking accident. This did not stop her as several years later she retrained as a physiotherapist, which she loves, and keeps herself active, albeit at a more sedate pace. Her main focus now is to help others overcome injury, manage pain and chronic conditions and aid realisation of dreams, whatever that may be. She is passionate about what she does, enjoys a challenge and will work hard to get you where you want to be, like everyone at the clinic.
Louisa in her free time enjoys hill and mountain walks/shuffles, riding her bike, yoga (which she is incorporating into her treatments) and has a keen interest in cooking, diet and health and loves concocting real, raw and alkalising food recipes with a special interest in natural energy food sources for endurance, sports and health.
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Kelly first came to yoga over 12 years ago whilst looking for something to do on rest days and help recover from running. Finding the practice helped with so much more than just her knees, hips and back, she developed a daily practice over the next few years. Finally, in 2012 she had the opportunity to train with YogaCampus and graduated in 2013. With a new baby in tow, her practice changed and evolved over time, finding there was always something in yoga to help with being a parent. Wanting to share this practice with her family, she trained to teach baby yoga, pregnancy yoga, and children’s yoga and has been involving her kids (and even husband) in her practice. There is always something new to learn about yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, every day is a new opportunity to experience the wonderful journey of life through our practice.