I am new to yoga - where do I start? 
Please read below and go to '
Where To Start' 
Beginners Introduction To Yoga Course - This course is an opportunity to spend more time looking at basic poses and the breathing so you understand more of what you're doing, why you're doing it and whats right for your body. 
I highly encourage this to people if they are new to the practice or need a little refresher on a previous practice before you start attending regular classes. 
The course information can be found here. These courses are popular so if you are interested do try book your places soon.

What if the Beginners Course isn't  starting for awhile or I can't make it- what can I do now?
We would suggest Level 1 classes until the Beginners Course starts.  Plus the Monthly Candlelit Restorative Yoga workshop with Debbie.
You can check the website
here for full timetable and descriptions on classes.

How much are the classes?
Your first class is at a special introductory price of £6.50 or a special 3 class pass intro for £18 is running at the moment. After that you can either buy a 5 class pass for £35 (works out £7 per class and is valid for 2months from date of purchase) or  a one month unlimited class pass at £55 or single drop in price is £8.50.  The pass are for any of the regular classes son the timetable - they do not include workshops.
Timetable here.
Please bring cash to class for payments. We also accept bank transfers - please ask at reception desk for details upon arrival.

Do I need to book?
At the moment there is no need to book for classes apart from Friday 6:20pm -
see timetable. All workshops require online booking & payment via the workshop page.

What do I wear and do I need to briny anything?
For class please wear comfortable clothes you can stretch in (i.e leggings and vest/ tshirt) and bring some water. Come with an empty stomach - a space of  at least 2 hours after eating is recommended before you practice. 

Do I need a yoga mat?
If you have your own mat please feel free to bring that or you are very welcome to borrow one of the used one's. I am selling brand new hardwearing yoga mats in purple for £16 at class . They're really lovely and a great investment if you would like to purchase one for yourself.